Used Furnishings FAQs Page

Used Furnishings FAQs Page

I have used home furnishings to sell, do you accept items to sell on consignment or do you buy item outright?

We no longer accept items to sell on Consignment. We will consider purchasing your items on a cash basis.

How do you evaluate the home furnishings I want you to buy from me?

We ask you to take pictures of the items you would like to sell and email them to us at providing as much information about your items as possible such as age, condition, brand & manufacturer. We ask for recent photos showing the entire piece you want to sell as well as close up pictures that show the texture, condition, any wear, any stains or tears for that piece. We will review your items and assess whether or not we believe we can sell your items and will then contact you to discuss price. Furniture and home decor accessories must be in good to excellent condition, clean, free from tobacco, pet or food odors and ready to display with no need for repairs. We also accept home decor accessories including, but not limited to, pictures, wall hangings, lamps, floral arrangements and mirrors. We do not accept appliances or used mattresses for sale.

Are there any furniture types, colors or styles that you prefer or that you will not accept?

Dark wood and traditional style furniture, antiques and This End Up or Cargo brand furniture are not popular at the beach and not in demand by our customers therefore are seldom purchased. Coastal styles with light or white color woods are much more popular and more likely to be purchased.

Have another question you don't see answered here?

Please give us a call at (252) 455-9009, email us at, or use our convenient Contact Us - Inquiry Form to forward us your questions.