Consignment Process FAQs Page

Consignment Process FAQs Page

What is a consignment store and how do your consignment sales work?

A Consignment Store sells your items for you and the proceeds of the sale of your items are split on a pre-agreed upon percentage basis between the item owner (the Consignor) and the Consignment Store (the Consignee). More details can be found in our downloadable Consignment Agreement (insert link to PDF file here)

Why consign my items when I can sell these items myself?

Consignment is convenient, easy and safe. Our consignment store is run by professional and knowledgeable staff that share your goal of getting a reasonable price for your items as quickly as possible. We advertise regularly and our website creates a virtual storefront to bring clients to our showroom. Also, you will not have to spend money on classified ads, organize a garage sale, or stay at home waiting on calls or shoppers. Further, consignment sales are safer as your items can be sold without the need for strangers to come to your home to view the items.

Will you take all of the home furnishings I want you to sell for me?

We ask you to take pictures of the items you would like to consign and email them to us at providing as much information about your items as possible such as age, condition, brand & manufacturer. We will review your items and assess whether or not we believe we can sell your items. Furniture and home decor accessories must be in good to excellent condition, clean, free from tobacco, pet or food odors and ready to display with no need for repairs. We also accept home decor accessories including, but not limited to, pictures, wall hangings, lamps, floral arrangements and mirrors. We do not accept appliances for sale.

How do I get paid for my consigned furniture and accessories when they sell?

Payments are mailed to consignors the month following month of the date of sale. Example, items sold in the month of January will have proceeds mailed out in the month of February.

How can I get big items or large number of items to your store?

If we agree to sell your items we will contact you and arrange a drop off for your or schedule a date and time to pickup your items at your location. We charge a pickup fee based upon your distance from our store. For example, we charge a $65 pickup fee for Duck through Nags Head with that charge increasing for more distance pickups.

Can you tell me what I will receive in proceeds from the sale of my consignment items?

No, unfortunately we can't predict what the final sales price of your items will be in advance. Providing us the original price that you paid for your household furnishings will help us in determining the current resale price. Upon inspection of your items that we agree to sell for you, we can give you our best estimate of the initial asking price for that item in our store, recognizing the item will be discounted the longer it remains unsold. What if my items don't sell?

We will use our best efforts to sell your items quickly and at the highest price possible. In the unlikely event that your items do not sell within the 90 day consignment period, you must pickup your items 7 days prior to the expiration of the consignment period or the the items will become the property of Upscale Furniture Resales and will be disposed of at our discretion.

What are the specific provisions of your Consignment Agreement?

Our Consignment Agreement can be downloaded HERE

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